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Contingency fee litigation is offered by Patrick F. Bright and his partners on all patent infringement cases they accept. Patent litigation can be very expensive if done for hourly attorneys' fees, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. Traditionally, law firms have only taken patent litigation cases on a "bill by the hour" arrangement, often preventing entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized businesses from enforcing their patents.

By representing clients on a contingency fee basis, Mr. Bright and his partners can help you to enforce your patent, even if you cannot afford to pay on an hourly basis. If Mr. Bright represents you on a contingency basis, you only pay attorneys' fees if you prevail. Remember, because contingent fee attorneys only earn a fee if you recover, they have a greater incentive to fight for your rights.

Please call Mr. Bright now. He will listen, and offer his informed opinion regarding your situation. He is friendly and candid. You have nothing to lose, and you will probably benefit from his review of your claims.

Contact Patrick F. Bright by email today at pbright@BrightPatentLaw.com or call him at 213-700-6637 any time. Your initial consultation is free.

Contingent Fee
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